Top 3 Reasons Executives Are Leaving The Workplace

Are you an executive who is currently considering leaving the workplace and ready for a carrier change?

top 3 reasons executives are leaving the workplaceWe live in a time where the pressure to perform and the desire to succeed can drive a person, especially corporate senior executives and CEOs, to forget about why they do what they do. Sure the money is great, the perks of the nice office, car allowance, expense account, travel, and meeting with other great leaders in the world, but it can take away from the true reason why you do what you do. This has lead to many senior executives and CEOs are leaving the work place and strongly considering a career change due to many factors in their business and life.

Here are the top 3 reasons executives are leaving the workplace today:


Just when you think that you have everything under control, planned out, aligned with the companies vision, strategy, and objectives… everything goes sideways. People quit, another urgent project shows up that needs to be done yesterday, everyone is breathing down your neck and all of the pressure is on you. It can be very stressful and is the number one reason why executives are leaving the workplace today.


Day in day out, it starts to feel like a grind. Traveling for business, working 12 hour days at the office, missing your kids soccer game or dance recital again, work and life always seem out of balance. You work hard at what you do, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. No matter what you do, it seems impossible to get your work life and personal life into balance. You remind yourself, that you are doing this for your family. But is it really worth it when you don’t even get time to see them or be with them?

Under Appreciated

It is great at the top. You get to run the show and take your company to levels of success that only you can envision. This is great, right? Then why does it seem so lonely there? Why does it seem like you are the only person who actually gets it? It can seem like an up hill battle at times, and thoughts of being under appreciated start to show up. It can weigh heavily on your shoulders and an Executive. Can you relate?

These key factors, among other, are driving executives to consider other options each day. If you are looking for more information on how you can make the change in career you’ve been looking for, click the button below…


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