Edward ElliottWho Is Edward Elliott?

Husband, Father, Serial Entrepreneur, and tech pioneer from the dot.com days who co-founded a direct response marketing technology company (EK3 Technologies Inc.) back in 1998 while attending grad school studying engineering. EK3 was instrumental in laying the foundation for what is now known as the Digital Signage and Merchandising Industry. Our company survived the bomb and went on to have multi-million dollar contracts with companies like WalMart, Tim Hortons, Home Depot, Royal Bank… and partnerships with like Sharp Electronics, GTECH, and Dresser Wayne. Recently EK3 was purchased by Cineplex for $78 million.

As good as creating something new, being an entrepreneur, and growing a successful business is exciting sounds, and believe me it’s good,
it wasn’t always easy…

There came a point when every day seemed to be the same.

It felt like I had become a ‘Corporate Drone.’

Here’s how a typical day went…

Getting up before the sunrise, while my daughter slept and my wife was just getting up.

Rushing off to work before everyone else showed up, just to be seen.

Meeting after meeting, replying to emails, returning phone calls…¬†finally at the end of the day squeezing in a couple hours of my own work¬†after everyone left the office.

Heading for home after dark again, heating up left overs for dinner, and saying good night to my daughter before heading to the the home office to finish up the work left over from today before heading to bed where my wife was already asleep…

… and the cycle continued.

After a handful of years doing this, I started to dream of something greater.

I believed I could live on my terms, on my time, and with most of my time spent with my family.

Finally the day came in 2010 where I stepped aside from the business that I had created and jumped into the pursuit of my passion of empowering others fulfill their life long dreams by leaving the corporate life, becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business.

Now, living the life of my dreams, I do what I want, when I want, and with whom every I want to do it with… while spending as much time as I like with my family and friends travelling the world!

When I’m not creating new businesses, I enjoy traveling to new places, near and far, spending time with my family and friends, hiking through unknown trails, biking, a good massage, a quiet place with a book, and enjoying the blessings of each moment of this life.

My mission: To empower 1 million people just like you, managers, corporate executives, and business owners, to step out of the hum drum life of your life today and step into and live the life of your dreams.

If you are ready to remove the ‘Droneness’ of your life and step into the life of your dreams, then let’s get started.